Teater Payung Hitam

Teater Payung Hitam

Teater Payung Hitam Payung Hitam, as a third wave of modern theater in Indonesia, based in Bandung West Java, is surrounded by Sundanese sub-culture. Founded by Rachman Sabur, in Bandung (1982). Rachman Sabur works as a theater director and lec- turer at ISBI (Institute of Arts and Culture of Indonesia). He is currently a Ph.D candidate at the Institute of Arts Surakarta.

Teater Payung Hitam began to be taken into account in the realm of theater in Indone- sia since they performed “Kaspar” by Peter Handke in 1994. The group had much use of the body in the dangerous scenes. The body becomes fundamental when the civilization, the so-called Man, got paralyzed and helpless in the face of unexpected disaster. The concept of body in danger is then used to themes of environmental crisis, as well as socio-political condition in Indonesia. In some projects, Teater Payung Hitam combined the materials such as bamboo or stone with electronic devices. Their performances were staged in Australia, Ma- laysia, Finnland, Taiwan, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States.

Group/Artist name : Teater Payung Hitam
Origin : Bandung, West Java
Production : Posthaste
Number of traveling members : 13 persons

Contact info:
Rachman Sabur
+62 813-9529-9157

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