Uwalmassa is a non literal and interpretative portrait of Jakarta based musicians, Wahono and RMP. It is the creation of equivocal geographical origins through the perpetual exchange of the Neo and the Palaeo - a parallel between science fiction, hereditary philosophy and the ever-changing state of identity. To contrast and contradict - decontextualizing established norms on asymmetrical proportions.

Conceptually, Uwalmassa is the fusion of the international arts - both traditional and modern - that are translated through an Indonesian lens. Elaborative production techniques and non-conventional composition methods are of the highest value behind the music of Uwalmassa. By incorporating elements from a broad musical spectrum, Uwalmassa aims to convey a relevant narrative within the contemporary climate. Other than preserving, Uwalmassa takes on the initiative in bringing Indonesian arts and culture into a more explorative and imaginative field of work. Simultaneously, this notion opens up the path into reviving a more thorough research on the otherwise lost knowledge and history. Uwalmassa takes a firm stand in challenging the shallow and narroe thought process towards understaning the vastness that is Indonesia.

Group/Artist name : Uwalmassa
Origin : Jakarta
Number of traveling members: 5 persons

Contact info:
Muhammad Harsya
+62 813 1679 9149

Video Link: