Tesla Manaf

Tesla Manaf

Tesla Manaf is a hugely talented young jazz musician. Raised in a non-musical family, he nonetheless poured much of his time into music practice, especially guitar, and received the Yamaha Music Award for classical guitar. His international debut was launched alongside his latest album, Tesla Manaf (2015), produced by New York-based MoonJune Records. Tesla Manaf is also the name of a group of musicians he founded together with his equally talented friends: Hadis Hendarisman (clarinet), Rudy Zulkarnaen/Krishna Alda Radiansyah (bass), Desal Sembada (drums).

Tesla’s guitar work pairs the string texture and physicality of Andres Segovia and Django Reinhardt, with the phrasing and pacing of Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny, through to the present compositional ebbs and flows of Mary Halvorson and Gilad Hekselman. Mind you, these are merely scrap-book points of reference - the end result is extremely original, fresh and inspiring. There is at work here a youthful and enthusiastic sense of risk-taking which is most revealing and rewarding listen after listen.

His unique approach to modern composition assures that you won’t necessarily find the traditional song elements of verse, chorus, solo, bridge or refrain and, if you do, they very likely will not occupy the accepted position or possess the interrelationship you have come to expect. This “turning on its head” approach to composition, along with each player’s technique and choice of instrument tone color, gives great impact to the experience of listening deeply to each track.

Performance Dates & Venues
Date : 29-Dec-17
Venue : Nieuwe Kerk
City : Den Haag
Country : Netherlands

Group/Artist name : Tesla Manaf
Group leader : Tesla Manaf
Category : Jazz
Origin : Bandung
Number of traveling members : 5 persons

Contact info:
Tesla Manaf
+62 856 5903 1760

A Mans Relationship with His Fragile Area
https://youtu.be/2XJ3NT so_OA

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