Svara Samsara

Svara Samsara

Svara Samsara is a percussion group of five young, talented Indonesian musicians with different cultural backgrounds. With the motto “Traditon, but not traditional”, they continue and expand the work of legendary Indonesian drummer and percussionist Innisisri to explore the richness of sounds of Indonesian traditional (percussion) instruments and music to fuse it within their contemporary music. They aim to inspire Western pop culture-oriented youth to not forget the richness of their own cultural background.

A concert by Svara Samsara is unlike the regular percussion music performance where rhythms predominate. They play traditional melodic percusive instruments in their compositions, make their music a colorful rainbow of sounds and melodies with unexpected twists and turns. Their music is richly flavoured with Indonesian spices, from introspective melodies to dream on to exciting upbeat poly- and crossrhythms that makes you want to dance. They can perform on stage on festivals as well as in concert halls.

Svara Samsara was formed early 2015 and has already performed on many festivals and events. In February 2016 Svara Samsara launched their first album “Svara Samsara”.

Group/Artist name : Svara Samsara
Origin : Depok, West Java
Number of traveling members: 5 persons

Contact info:
Arjan Onderdenwijngaard
62 812 8442 1343