Karinding Attack

Karinding Attack

Karinding Attack, also known as KARAT, is a world music band using all bamboo instruments established in 2009 with 9 (nine) founding members. The founding members are nationally known for their contribution in the underground communities’ movements (Ujungberung Rebels) and/or a member of metal band; a weekly gathering session was being scheduled to accommodate those who are interested in learning both the history behind the instrument and how to play the instrument itself.

Karinding Attack brought up a mission on every stage which is to remind young generation of this nation the importance of revitalizing Indonesian ancestor inheritance. A full documentation in form of writing, photographs, video and audio are being compiled by Kimung into ‘Jurnal KARAT’ which is accessible for public. For its consistency and commitment in regenerating Karinding, breaking the negative paradigm of society towards underground community, Karinding Attack is being recognized as one of Sundanese ambassador who successfully gave and developed an understanding of Sundanese social-culture amongst the youth.

Karinding Attack has collaborated with various musicians including : Japan traditional musician (Chieko Fukuda), blues (Budi Arab, album Budi Arab Project), metal (Burgerkill and Donor Darah), punk (Kelas Ajag), jazz (Sony Akbar), Diki (beatbox), hiphop (Eye Feel Sick), electronic music (Europe in de Troppen, Polyester Embassy), pop (Sarasvati, Iwan Fals, Noah, Afghan, Trie Utami) , and with other traditional music groups (Angklung Smansa and LSS ITB ). Karinding Attack has also collaborated with visual artists such as Tisna Sanjaya and sand painter Vina Candrawati.

Group/Artist name : Karinding Attack
Origin : Bandung
Number of traveling members : 10 persons

Contact info:
+62 816-623-225

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