Indische Party

Indische Party

Indische Party is a 60’s Rhythm ‘n Blues nuanced band from Jakarta that has successfully made it into the short-list of local bands with soulful character. They released their latest album called analog via Demajors Records and received a good response from many music enthusiasts.

Indische Party selected as the winner of Converse Rubber Tracks 2015 and recorded two songs at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

"Their music is like a wake-up call for the youth of today to leave their computer screens or look up rather than down to communicate through smartphones; and to dance, make love, play, and be alive under the sun.” – Ruangrupa.

Group/Artist name : Indische Party
Origin : Jakarta
Number of traveling members : 7 persons

Contact info:
Ben Mukti W.

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Facebook : Indische Party
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